24 August 2010

Boobs for Equal Rights - viewer discretion advised!

There is an annual protest happening right about this time of year. It is by women who believe that their rights are violated because men can go topless in public and women cannot. They are calling for, even demanding, what they call "top freedom." (insert eye-rolling emotion here).


While most people probably envision this when they think of this group's protest show and tell:

Sorry, but here's what you'll really get:

hey...is this cheating?
Now, I'm certain each of the above pictured women are beautiful in their own unique ways...but I don't particularly care to see something like this (these?) in public everywhere I go on a regular basis.  I have my own, thank you, and a mirror.
Breasts are functional, yes.  But the truth of them is (are?) that after babies, breast feeding, a few decades of aging and ill-fitting bras, they're just not what they were when they started out, unless you invest in major reconstruction.  So, I'm gonna be a predictable conservative here and request...no, demand! That we keep the tatas under wraps.  "Top Freedom?"  Really? Speaking of slippery slopes...


  1. Let's just pray these beauties don't go for bottomless too, I don't think I could take it....... And, I am thankful dinner is hours away!

  2. Well men are not allowed to go bottomless; but the heaviest, skinniest, most wrinkled, most emaciated, oldest, youngest, warted, or smoothed skinned--and whatever other kind of body type of a man is allowed to be topless. Should we only allow the pretty, young men? Then later only the pretty men and women... this will then become a cultural norm, and then the people will say as the excuse to why society is like this "that's just how it is," and "Only pretty young model looking people can be topless--no oldies or fatties should!" And then we can add that to the books of hegemony!

    We do not allow women to do what men do, because our culture and society has told us "that's not how it's done." Our minds will give us examples of why this is bad, it's ridiculous--and we will apply things to only one side of the situation, "the women aren't attractive enough" but this doesn't matter for men! This is aside the point, it's not a cultural or societal norm, it must be bad :D


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