24 August 2010

Right Wing Women Rock (but you already knew that)

I just discovered this conservative music artist this morning on Breitbart.com. Click, watch, and listen. Then, go over to Joe Dan's YouTube Channel and check out the rest of the music. Joe Dan also has a gig on Kansas Radio KMBZ, so you know there's some honest talent here. He's got some great political ads, too.

If you're a singer in the Kansas City Area, Joe is looking for you. I envisioned Krista 
(ADD moment: "envisioned doesn't seem like the right word, since in my head I was hearing the music, not seeing it. Anybody know what the proper terminology is?) 
Branch, who sings "I am America" belting out some of his songs. In other words, keeping with the new tradition of the Rising Conservative Woman, a female voice. But of course, it would be the artist's call, not mine.

Awesome act, Mr. Joe Dan Media.  You had me at "eatin' liberals for breakfast."

Readers: Enjoy.

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