24 March 2015

The Best Possible Outcome

I did not do a very good job at my blog with journaling my cancer journey. Admittedly, the cancer took me down a pretty dark hole. Losing all my hair had a much more depressing effect on me than I thought it would.

I finished my chemotherapy in February, then on March 9th I had a lumpectomy.

Today, March 24, I was told by my surgeon that I am surgically cancer free, the best possible outcome.

I still have to have radiation. But my hair has started growing back.

Thank you for all your prayers, everyone. The prayers worked!

16 November 2014

Still Doing Chemo

I've not posted in a few weeks. Tomorrow is my 9th round of the Taxol Chemo. I have become weary of them, but the tumor has noticeably shrunk.
These last 8 treatments my mother has been with me each time. She took 3 months out of her life in California to see me through to a place where chemo has become "rouutine." She is heading home on Thursday. It's bittersweet that she's leaving. I'm sad, but she has a life to get back to.
My youngest son Matthew has surprisingly taken to keeping me company during chemo too. I'm joyfully surprised. He's only 18.
That's all for now. I'm hanging in there by prayers from so many people, and of course, by the Grace of God.

23 October 2014

5th Round Done

The best news is that the tumor on my left breast is visibly shrinking. From the outside I have seen it shrinking,  praise be to God!

My hair is still both falling out and on my head. I'm not one for a drastic shave bald right away, so the hair thing with me is more of a nuisance and admittedly a curiosity.

Most annoying side effect: muscle fatigue. But walking and yoga help that.

Prayers are working y'all.  Keep em comin'!
Thank you so much for the prayers, all y'all.

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