15 July 2017

Blog Revival, Volume 3

I spend so much on Twitter and news sites, I'm inspired to blog again. Especially in light of the DC brood of vipers and MSM den of thieves who are now reaping what they've sewn.

I'm very right-brained and unstructured, with a hint of ADD. But I'm also very creative and also discerning. So I can write. I'll do my best to be timely with my own publication.

Most of my posts will be information done by way more professional people than me. But I can offer commentary, and urge all of my readers to get the truth out as fast as they can.

I love my country and the new guy in office. I endured, as you have, at minimum 8 years of unbelievably dirty politics committed by snakes and traitors.

My goal is to see justice served.

~Lori 🌹

30 August 2016

Let Me Know What You Think!

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