23 September 2014

Monday, Round 1

Thank you God.
I thank everyone  you for all your continued prayers.
I've a long road ahead but I could not do it without so much love and prayer around me.
So far my only side effect from the first round has been fatigue.  I seem to be sleeping a lot. I do hope that improves.
Next Round is on Monday. Every Monday after that for a total of 12. Thats with the Taxol. And there's more after that, but these first six cycles are about as far out as my mind will take me. But as for visualizing this tumor shrinking away, that I think of, ad infinitum.
Please keep praying. 
"Where there are two or more gather in my name, there I am with them." ~Matthew 18:20

21 September 2014

Eve of Battle

Tomorrow I start the Taxol chemotherapy.

My specific prayer is that this battle I was so frightened to take on accomplishes shrinking down this tumor smaller and smaller for a successful lumpectomy in the not to distant future.

Having now pulled strength from God and His Son Christ who died for even me, and knowing the love from so many of my immediate and extended family's prayers, best and good friends' prayers and positive thoughts, victory over breast cancer is and shall be my outcome.

Please keep praying, y'all. I feel all of them.

17 September 2014

Oncologist Tomorrow

Will find out chemo schedule. Twelve weeks of Hell already on the calendar. Stay tuned for specific day for systemic ruination of my immune system, which was half ruined already.

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