25 August 2010

Muslim Americans: Barack Obama Calling!

While doing a little research this morning I came across this:

"Muslim Americans Answer the Call is
a national grassroots effort to encourage and
empower every Muslim American
to take part in the President's initiative."
The site MuslimServe.org is an arm of the Serve.gov site, where the Federal Government is attempting to galvanize Americans into acts of public service.

Where is ChristianServe.org with a quote from the Bible? Where is JewishServe.org with quotes from the Torah?  HinduServe.org  or BuddhistServe.org with quote from their from their respected texts? Go ahead and look; they're not there.

"The President is calling on all Americans..."? Really.  Let me know, please, if your faith call shows up.  Not that I'm looking for the Federal Government to tell me how to serve.  Only that they might not really be pandering to a certain religion, or even (GASP!) mixing church and state.

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