28 August 2014

The News I Gave Today.

I met the surgeon today. I did not like what he told me. And I think he did not like what I told him too. But in the end, he will remove my tumor per my wishes.

This is the text of my message i sent to my mom, my brother, my sister, and my Dad.

"I have a Grade 3 aggressive growth tumor, Stage 2 Triple Negative Breast Cancer.

"If it is Metastatic*, that is to be confirmed with a CAT scan next week, followed by oncology consultation.

"Today, the Surgeon said I would need chemotherapy for 24 - 26 weeks, then surgery. Chemotherapy is the worst possible thing I could hear. I do not want to do it. I just want the damn tumor cut out and live out in good quality the days God gives me.

"The Surgeon seems to think radiation would not help any lengthy survival rate, whereas supposedly chemo does. However, he did say he would remove the tumor no matter what my decision was regarding chemo. At present, I am emotionally fried."

I spent the remainder of the day in Galveston. I drank an Irish Coffee at lunch, the went and got a kick-ass tattoo on my left forearm that will forever commemorate my Irish Heritage. (Photo to come in another blog post.)

*Update: CAT scan is scheduled for tomorrow.  Oncologist appointment will be September 4th.

I think I am not long for this earthly place. But I've got a lock-in for seeing Ireland before I go. THAT will be awesome.

Keep praying. ...God is Great :)


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