06 June 2013

Operation Overlord:
Sixty-Nine Years Ago Today


I had an uncle who has long passed away, who was at Normandy this day, June 6, 1944. He was not with the Allied Forces that stormed the beaches. He stayed behind, where his post was in medical support, where he would repair returning carnage. His three younger brothers, one of whom is my father, said that he "was never the same." I can only imagine. I could watch reels of old films, current movies, even watch some of the video games my sons play - I would never get a sense of the sacrifice the soldiers put forth on that June 6th, generations ago.

I have a neighbor who fought in World War II. I don't know where he was or what he did or even which theatre. I only know that I am grateful for service to our country decades before I was born. He is 93. I will tell him thank you. Again.

Most of these are images no one likes to look at. After all, though, this is what war looks like.

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