07 June 2013

#Houston, 8 June 10:00AM We Have A Problem: MoveOn to Protest Sen. Ted Cruz's Office TOMORROW

So my post title is a cliche to many people. But it isn't to Houston. That was the very first word uttered on the ground from the Moon to the Earth. (fact!)

MoveOn.org and "Nuns On The Bus" (read: Soros Network Lobby) are protesting Senator Ted Cruz at his Houston office apparently because he abides by the Constitution - Protecting our borders -  in terms of Immigration. 

Let's Do This CRUZ CREW!
This Action is for TOMORROW!! 
At Senator Ted Cruz's office
10:00 AM

Here's who will be there:

Copy and Paste this and help spread the word, please!

  Civic Action Planned for office of  Need to counter!! (cont)    

"Nuns On The Bus" are directly linked with George Soros and his "Open Society" network. They work for Network Lobby - "A National Catholic Social Justice Lobby". All fall under the "Combined Federal Campaign." Make no mistake. This is all Progressivism.

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