19 May 2013

"May God help us and may God help America"

You will see here that I often feature great highlights from the blogosphere. This morning I read  Dale Cowart's (@indigenous01) "rant" on twitter. I find the words in Dale's posts to be very uplifting and having a fantastic message. He gave me permission to highlight his rant, granted I post it in praise. Not a problem:

Glory to God. Thanks be to Jesus Christ. Peace be with America. I pray it every day. But I do not say it out loud enough. Pray for our country. God hears us.

Message for the Week @whitehouse: 
#rantfortoday by @indigenous01
From Dale's twitter feed:

Dale Cowart 


American black man, Navy Vet, Linguist, Businessman, 
Writer of fiction, father, grandfather,
 man who does not know everything, but knows God.
Lawrence, KS

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