28 September 2012

Come And Take It

Recently, a picture emerged of the flag representing the rapidly rising fascism that is radical Islam over the US Capitol. And I have come to believe that we have a POTUS who is basically a sympathizer to these people, if not worse. So, I've come up with a response flag to these freaks I call Islamist Supremacists (and to BHO for that matter). It's not original. I just inverted the colors of a flag that is a pretty big favorite here in the Lone Star State.

Everything's bigger in Texas. Especially our Liberty.

Islamist Supremacists' black flag

The inscription on this flag is
 the Muslim declaration of faith

The Texas black flag

The Gonzales flag conveys a very specific message to tyrants

Come and get it.

(You can read more about the White House/Islam flag HERE.) 

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