23 July 2012

Utopian Nonsense

"Countries on the Human Rights Council are there for the sole purpose of protecting their own power."
See this film. unmemovie.com
"the Un"
In Mike Judge's dystopian comedy (that you should also see!) Idiocracy, the United Nations is referred to as a word: "The Un." Since seeing that movie, that's what I've called it. I have a new name. Utopian Nonsense. 
The corruption is staggering. I encourage everyone to see Ami Horowitz's documentary U.N. Me. There's a reason the people at the UN cannot come up with an agreed-upon definition for the word terrorism. 
From post-Holocaust Germany to present-day Dafur, leaders and members serving in the UN are unindicted co-conspirators.  Dont believe me.  Watch and see.

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