04 March 2012

@AndrewBreitbart, Rest In Peace

From Duane Lester at AllAmerixanBlogger.com, here is just some of the Admiration Tributes he compiled on the great voice we lost on March 1st. Please visit the link to All American Blogger to see all the rest of the posts on the mwe will always remember as "fearless."

"I was asked to produce a video for tonight’s tribute to Andrew Breitbart at the Americans for Tax Reform headquarters. This is what I put together. It’s impossible to boil a man like Breitbart down to two and a half minutes, but I wanted to try to capture a taste of his passion, his sense of humor and his desire to inspire others to stand and fight the left with him.
I hope it does him justice. Rest in peace, Andrew."
iOwntheWorld: Breitbart Is Here
Three Beers Later: In Memoriam… Now Take Up the Standard…
Newsbusters: Fox News Watch Does Touching Tribute to Andrew Breitbart
American Glob: VIDEOS: Red Eye Remembers Andrew Breitbart
Big Government: From the Heart, from the Heartland, My Thoughts on Andrew Breitbart’s Passing
The Camp of the Saints: ‘So?’: Remembering Andrew Breitbart
Instapundit: IN MEMORIAM, ANDREW BREITBART: PJTV Remembers a True Patriot and Friend.
The Jawa Report: Remembering Andrew Breitbart
Moonbattery: Classic Breitbart
Bookworm Room: Andrew Breitbart, RIP
The Other McCain: Andrew Breitbart Moments: 2010 Tax Day Tea Party Edition
Wizbang: Leftist’s Hate on Full Display Over Breitbart’s Passing
Newsbusters: Ann Coulter on Media’s Breitbart Smear: ‘Even in Death He Shows Liberals in Their True Colors’
Weasel Zippers: Daily Kos Remembers Andrew Breitbart: “He Was A Piece Of Shit. Period.”
DBKP: New Pekin Tornado Videos, Critically Injured Toddler Discovered 10 Miles From Home
Gateway Pundit: Iranian Nuke City Isfahan Complains of Rash of Exotic Diseases Affecting Plants and Children
Scared Monkeys: Rhode Island Judge William Guglietta Imposed Lifetime Driving Ban on 17 Year Old Boy to Send Message About Reckless Driving
American Elephants: The “Nanny State” Isn’t Funny. It’s a Grasp for State Power
Right Pundits: If Obama Prosecutes Our Soldiers for So-Called Koran Burning…

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