19 February 2012

An Essay of Political Satire
by Son 18: Enjoy

I'm a proud momma, and I had to share.

Satire Composition Essay
     Politicians in today's society are the absolute role model of every child's dream to be a self-righteous, do-gooder always-on-the-path-of-the-right type of hero.  These people are perhaps some the most trust-worthy and loyalistic people since the great Alexander Hamilton and his grand idea of having the people serve the government with visions of becoming even better than the modern communism we all know and love.          
       The People's Republic of China denied this statement saying that they had the greatest representatives of the people. Its leader said, "Can you not tell we represent all of China? It's in our name! We are the ideal of controlling the peoples' will with the greatest of all of its corrupted politically inclined leaders."  Russia laughed at China's statement. "We have always been known as the best in corrupted leaders and politicians, such as our founder Karl Marx, President Vladimir Putin, and the greatest leader of them all, Josef Stalin. In fact we are so gloriously corrupted you copied our idea."
            The United States House of Representatives are small compared to our greatest leaders. Anthony Weiner said "Not true. You all have leaders and a few people who are corrupted, but you don't have nearly as many well-organized representatives who will always speak 'our' minds over the people. That's why we represent them.  In fact I know we have the most politically corrupt because we can make our own salaries and over-tip the scales on our Checks-and-Balances system. I myself can even go above the law and post myself on Twitter. I said let there be Weiner, and the people demand it.    
        Many other countries have debates with us over what is the greatest "role model" in corruption. Our conclusion is that there are many that are very "gloriously corrupt" and "truthful" representatives and leaders that still continue to shine as examples today. But we remain the greatest of role models for all of our peoples' childrens.
     Sincerely, The People's Republic ofWho Knows.

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