27 April 2010

Houston Grind: True to Form, Media Downplays Leftist Violence in AZ Protests

The new illegal residence law recently passed in Arizona brought out large crowds protesting the legislation on Saturday.   A crowd reported to be around 3500 college students gathered in Phoenix to protest against the new legislation saying that it will unfairly profile Arizona’s Hispanic-American population.  Not surprisingly, the tone of the protest is not being reported as anything like the claims of protests at all the Tea Party rallies in the past year.  In fact, on late Saturday night in a Google search, the sole internet media reporting the actual tone of the protesters  was Al-Jarzeera Magazine Online.
Al-Jazeera Magazineis  a news outlet that has a particular focus on events and issues in the Middle East..
Not one American internet outlet was reporting that there were arrests, that protesters were throwing rocks and water bottles, harrassment of police and security forces, and particular torment to the few who bravely stood in support of Arizona’s tough crackdown on uninforced Federal illegal immigration laws.
The protest published by the Boston Globe’s Boston.com late Saturday night described not the angry crowd at the protest but chose rather to focus on describing the legislation as “draconian” and “discriminatory”, and that it would make a specific ethnic group fearful:
Although the local media in Phoenix was covering the event on television, the AP, the AFP and Reuters all failed to mention that the participants engaged in any of the behavior that has been alleged by themainstream media to have been demonstrated at all of the Tea Party Protests. Instead, the focus is on the “rights” of the immigrants who have not entered the United States legally.
This coverage of the protest in Arizona is an small example that the mainstream media is complicit in both the demonization of Conservative protesters and the  promoting the federal government’s agenda.  The larger message, however is that the event is portrayed as the sprouting up of a new “civil rights” movement(Hat Tip: Sweetness & Light).
Population estimates at granting all illegal immigrants amnesty range from 12-15 million people.

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