26 April 2010

Closet Skeleton Oddly Called Out

Several days ago, William Gheen posted this video claiming he was "outting" Senator Lindsey Graham (R - SC). Although I don't really care if Senator Graham is gay or not, I think the POINT Mr. Gheen was making is far more important. Gheen said that he was bringing up this point because he was concerned that Senator Graham's sexual orientation was being held "against" him as leverage for getting him to support the Cap & Trade and the Immigration Reform Legislation, which publicly, he does. This may not have been the proper way to make his point, either, but again, the point being made stands to be examined, especially after so many behind closed doors were being made when the Health Care Reform Legislation was being pushed and debated. Many Democrats who claimed to be pro-life changed their vote from a supposed belief in supporting the innocent, defenseless unborn children to get airports, farm water, judgeships, helicopter rides, massive amounts of campaign money, and promised direct or nepotism-secured federal jobs after they're booted out of office.

What would make someone who supposedly opposes (warning: graphic) this switch? What dark secrets might the rest of some of these people be hiding?  Or am I mistaken and most of these Washington DC public servants are honest and virtuous persons? At this point being a closet homosexual or a cheating spouse is probably light fare compared to some of the dirty dealings a good number of our elected representatives have engaged in.  Get ready for, I am hopeful of this anyway, the money-laundering, Enron-on-steriods scam of the century to be made public when it comes to the Cap & Trade scheme.  That one goes all the way to the top.

So what I am saying is there needs to be more William Gheen moves.  Whoever knows anything, start talking.  Make what you know known, because we certainly don't have a media anymore that is willing to do a job of the All The President's Men calibur.

In the meantime, I'll keep praying for evil to be revealed.  And, I'll pray for Senator Graham too.

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