16 February 2010

Thinking Beyond Group Think

I don't like labels. At least not presently. Unless I am being sarcastic; which is, I suppose a label.

would this be considered labeling?
Labels usually don't speak truths, only generics.  Labels invite "Group Think," which I abhor. 

However, the label I suppose I would put on myself for the time being is that by nature I am a questioner.  My mother will even attest that I came out crying not "WAH!!" but "WHY!?!"  I love learning and will never stop learning until my brain or my heart or both stop working.

My question regarding the 9/11 "issue" has always been this: Why does asking about 9/11 bring about such a caustic and vitriolic response from people? 

Methinks thou doth protest too much?

I've never understood why asking about something raised such ire in people.  We can't question a government regarding 9/11? The same government that is trying to shove health care down our throats? That deny global warming is a hoax? That never properly vetted a candidate who is a Socialist and now sits in the White House? That is simultaneously printing currency while raising the Debt Ceiling? Hello?

An interesting answer to this question was given to me today - something I didn't know at all.  Evidently the 9/11 "issue" is seen by the media, and others I suppose, as falling down on Left or Right sides.

Ok, so now I  have more questions:  Liberals only question 9/11? Really? and not Conservatives? Only Democrats question 9/11? that's odd.  No Republicans do? What about Libertarians? Socialists? Anybody? It's like the "eligibility issue." Does that fall down on the Left/Right paradigm too?

We have in a candidate here the grass-roots Conservative Constitutionalist we've been looking for. And on a dime, based on a misleading and baited interview by a psuedo-libertarian Mormon Conservative on Cable Television (hey, I listened to the guy for five years, so my jaw dropped in that interview too), we're back to looking at candidates who will bring us the Trans-Texas Corridor (mark my words, it'll happen - the Interstate 69 signs are already up), a continually porous border,   ever-increasing property taxes, and a bunch of high-school drop outs who aren't going to be allowed to drive (don't believe me on that one? look it up!) 

If Debra doesn't pull this one out, I may have to take a look at Bill White! I was a democrat before, I can do it again. Hey, he's liberal. I wonder if he ponders the 9/11 "issue."

Sadly, I have concluded that a lot of people who are afraid to truly leave the status quo have now conveniently found their fodder for following the flock. (Like my alliteration there? I do!) Those who were actually leaning toward Rick or Kay can now go ahead and topple over.

 All we like sheep.

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