29 September 2009

What a Tangled Web - The Gamaliel Foundation & the Obama Connection

In my two part blog postings about where all the money is going, I had run across the Gamaliel Foundation. Here is what I found:

"All human beings are created equal" ~GAMALIEL FOUNDATION
The Foundation is a huge proponent of Universal Health Care. They also list as one of their issues "Civil Rights of Immigrants" and "Racial Equality."

I haven't asked someone who is not the same "color" as I am, but seriously, what immigrants to this country are denied their civil rights? And I am beginning to wonder that the perpetual racial equality messages don't really do anything but stir up hatred! Because gosh, if we really have achieved equality, people like this won't have anything else to do.

Well, Brietbart.com is reporting more disturbing information about the President. There is video suggesting that people worshipped the man. God forgive them if they know not what they do.

The Foundation is very proud of their connection to the President of the United States

At this point, it should surprise no one that the Gamaliel Foundation can be found in the non-profit data base Melissadata.com where it states in their "Type of Foundation" that "Organization which receives a substantial part of its support from a governmental unit or the general public". They claim assets of $1.7 million and an income of $3.4 million. That's right - your tax dollars at work!

1 Nonprofits match the name of
gamaliel foundation
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CityStateIRS SubsectionAssetsIncome

When mapped, here's what this foundation supposedly looks like at 203 N WABASH AVE CHICAGO, IL 60601-2406

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I guess they aren't spending any of that $3.4 million on office improvement!

As I mentioned, Gamaliel is a huge proponent of Obama's health care plan. Right now, they are hiring:
Civil Rights of Immigrants National Field Coordinator

ISAIAH Organizer Position – GRIP St. Cloud

Organizer for WISDOM

I start to poke around these pages and I find www.Idealist.org. That one sounds familiar..At the top right corner, the site says: New! Government Agencies. The colors on the page look familiar, too.

On their welcome page, they say: "We're very happy to welcome government agencies to Idealist.org." I link to their Facebook page, and find an article about social media training. This leads me to "The Case Foundation" where they have their Big Ideas Listed. There, we find "The President's Council on Service and Civic Participation."

As chair of the Council since 2006, Jean Case has led the growth of the President’s Volunteer Service Award program, which has recognized more than 1.3 million people for their commitment to service.

In February 2008, the Council helped launch A Billion + Change, a three-year campaign to reinvigorate America’s workforce and generate $1 billion of skilled expertise to help nonprofits meet social and community needs.

Lo and behold, at the bottom of this page are the all too familiar logos:
Click on the "A Billion + Change" image and it goes straight to SERVE.GOV, as do the other three images.

...to be continued..........

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