03 October 2014

Post Round 2

A note i wrote to my father. He lives in Cali and i know he feels far away. I do too: whatplanet was i on to think this would never happen to me?

Hi Daddy,
here is a visual of what I am trying to get rid of. It is considered a 'grade 3' size tumor. I hope it is not TMI, but without a bra, that's what my left chest looks like. It is slightly larger than a golf ball.

This is what I pray for every day and night to shrink so I can have a sucessful surgery. I pray each chemo treatment shrinks it smaller and smaller for a lumpectetamy in 6 months. I will be doing 24 treatments total,  with just two under my belt so far.

I am still on the beginning of an enormous learning curve, and am doing the best I can. I just thought a visual might let you see more what I'm dealing with. I can still smile though. And I have hair. :)
I Love You,

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