10 September 2014

Selfish Thoughts... and scant grattitude too.

More bloodwork and Xrays today. I'm declared surgically fit for my *Porta-Cath surgery on Monday.
*What's a Porta-Cath you ask? I'll provide more details tomorrow after my *Porta-Cath training!

Today: three different fascilities, paperwork, redundant paperwork, I NEED YOUR INSURANCE CARD AND I.D, and thank you, your Co-pay for cancer is $40 $30 $20 so lather, rinse, repeat.

Here's  where I'll be "selfish." I kept thinking this: How less stressful this would all be if I could just naturally live out the time left God would let me have.

But let's not be too negative shall we?

Things today I am grateful for ~
1. a lot of people love me and are praying for me, that means everything.
2. Thank GOD and Dr. Adrienne I got a tranquilizer scrip so tonight I might actually sleep.

*Porta-Cath? WTF??? Who the hell is this story even about? I hate this. Violently so.

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