13 June 2013

About the Scandals


Fundamental Transformation is at our front door. It arrives in this fashion: Top down. Bottom up. Overwhelm the system.

The following list are all the scandals visiting upon the Brood of Vipers and Den of Thieves that is our Nation's Capitol.

  • Benghazi
  • Fast and Furious
  • Fort Hood
  • DHS
  • IRS
  • Voter Fraud
  • DOJ
  • HHS
  • EPA
  • NSA
  • State Department Sex
  • Boston Bombing

There is lying and lawlessness on a scale I could never have imagined. Our Constitution means nothing to a federal government that has gotten so large, it forgot there was a country full of people to represent.

Amnesty is the latest political panic. While I stand with the 70 or so Representatives in the House who will attempt to block amnesty legislation, in the front of my mind is: What about the scandals? Where is justice? Where is due process of law? 

The scandals that are infesting Mordor on the Potomac at the moment are conglomerately overwhelming the system. Whether that is by design or not remains to be seen. But President Milhous seems to be benefitting from the pending chaos. Only one of his promises remains unbrokern. Fundamental Transformation of the United States of America. 

Overwhelm the System: Lawlessness. 
Top down: DC Scandals.
Bottom up: Amnesty

These are two must-read posts from Truth Seekers. One is an in-depth look at all of the scandals that are plaguing DC. The other post vigorously lists President Hater's Constitutional violations. Additionally, in October 2012, American Thinker has an excellent essay on what "Fundamental Transformation" is doing to America.

Truth Seekers:

The Scandals List

Updated 6/12/13
POTUS & AFRICOM alone had authority to give Stand Down order.
Benghazi was the result of a planned terrorist attack on 9/11/12.  There was no COMMUNIST FLAG smalldemonstration nor did it have anything to do with a video. That is not an opinion, it is a fact born out of documents, emails, and testimony. The attack lasted for almost eight hours with repeated calls for help. There was available help from several locations but they were each told to Stand Down. The result of that order ended with the deaths or our Ambassador and three other brave Americans. It was also known by the State Dept., CIA and the WH within at most hours (more plausibly minutes via Live Drone feed) that it was a terrorist attack. In Benghazi it was known immediately. Talking points on this went through 12 edits.
Obama, Hillary, Carney and Rice ALL went in front of the cameras and did knowingly, deliberately, and repeatedly lie to all of America. They claimed it arose from a demonstration over an offensive YouTube video.  This infuriated the Libyan president that was already on record that it was a terrorist attack, and as a result delayed the FBI from ground access to the site for three weeks.
Five days later Rice ran the Sunday circuit with this lie. Obama appeared on David Letterman with this lie, and later on Sept. 25 Obama continued this lie in his speech to the UN  ”There is no video that justifies an attack on an Embassy.” As late as mid-May, 2013, Obama claims to have had the same knowledge of what happened in Benghazi five days later as Rice described in her Sunday circuit.
Obama and Hillary also spent our tax dollars to create and broadcast in Pakistan their own video apologizing for the YouTube video that had nothing to do with the attack. They also had the maker of the YouTube film arrested.
In such a situation in Benghazi, with an Ambassador involved, the protocol would be that the President would give the Stand Down order.  So far, nobody is admitting to giving the Stand Down order.
Obama used Executive Privilege in regards to Fast & Furious gun running scandal to prevent congress from getting key information from Attorney General Eric Holder. When Government misconduct is the concern Executive privilege is negated.
A supposed gun-tracking operation that failed to track any guns. The High Powered guns (AK-47′s, AR-15′s) that they allowed to be sold (illegally) to Mexican drug cartels, wereAR15_A3_Tactical_Carbine_pic1used by the cartels to murder countless Mexicans.  Virtually all (well over 2,000) disappeared, except two that were recovered at the site where they were used to kill one of our Border Patrol agents.
  • Attorney General was held in contempt of Congresss for withholding information and misleading Congress.
Obama calls attack “workplace violence”.
Fort Hood terrorist attack: 13 killed, 45 in total shot by practicing Muslim Major Nidal Hasan.  Although a clear act of terrorism, it has been deemed “workplace violence”. Really? Workplace violence is when someone throws a chair at their boss while cursing at them. This was a terrorist attack, and after having recent communication with the same terrorist group responsible for 120px-Army_mil-55427-2009-11-07-1711219/11/01, Hasan began screaming “Allahu Akbar” while he was shooting and killing our soldiers. Obama refuses to call it a terrorist attack, or even combat related, and there are no Purple Hearts. Hasan is still getting paid by the military, ($278,000.00 since attack) while many survivors have been let go and are no longer receiving pay, or benefits.

5-21-2013 4-08-37 PMHomeland security (a Dept. that has only existed just over 10 years) has added 1.6 Billion HP Rounds (More than our military), armored assault vehicles, and drones.  No reasonable justification offered. When coupled with NDAA Section 21, it becomes even more alarming (As the song goes, “There’s something happening here, what it is, isn’t exactly clear”)
The IRS Commissioner and two top Obama appointees in the Treasury Dept. report directly to the President
Obama is Head of the Executive Branch, which the IRS is part of. The IRS has admitted to specifically targeting Tea Party groups,  Patriots,  and other conservative groups, including those concerned with National Debt., Constitution, Bill of Rights, and groups “trying to make America a better place to live”. The Treasury Dept. (which IRS is under) were aware of this well, long before the 2012 election.
The IRS has admitted to this, but not who directed them to do this. This unlawful and First Amendment violation delayed candidates from entering the 2012 election, thereby directly altering the outcome of the election.
5-21-2013 4-54-33 PM
It is deplorable that Senate Democrats Max Baucus, Chuck Schumer, Jeanne Shaheen, and others that have pressured the IRS are now feigning outrage over the scandal, just like the president. The IRS targeted the exact groups that were on Obama’s “enemy” list.  It is highly improbable that the IRS made such a widespread, politically motivated attack without direction. Furthermore the IRS went so far as to attain Donor lists. This is unconstitutional and illegal.  
Obama accepted the resignation of acting IRS commissioner Steven Miller (he was already resigning), but Steven Miller was not “there, there” when the targeting happened. IRS commissioner Douglas Shulman was there during the time, and although originally assigned by Bush he was a Democrat supporter/donor. Sarah Ingram was overseeing the office reviewing tax-exempt organizations at the time of the targeting.  She has been transferred and is now the Director for Obamacare. There are forty seven provisions in Obamcare that the IRS will be directly involved in regarding Obamacare, with well over 2,000 agents working on.
  • The IRS also released confidential information about these groups to the media outlet ProPublica.
  • One of the IRS questions: “What is the content of your groups prayers?”
  • 500 Tea-Party groups were targeted, as well as other conservative and religious groups.
  • Donations already hurting for 2014 as donors fear being targeted by the IRS
  • Tea-Party groups suing IRS seeking damages (unfortunately the damage is done for 2012 election, as voter turnout was affected as a result of delays due to targeting)
  • The Tea Party staged peaceful protests regarding the IRS targeting in several states, where they found themselves flanked not by the local police but by the DHS.
  • IRS official Lois Lerner claimed innocence, made an opening statement then invoked the 5th (Still under subpoena Issa considering recalling her)
  • Lois Lerner placed on Administrative Leave
  • WH visits by Douglas Shulman’s 157
  • WH visits by Sarah Hall Ingram 165 times.
  • Number of agents known to be involved in targeting has risen from 2 to 88.
  • Interviews of agents in Cincinnati reveal evidence that orders came from Washington.
  • IRS illegally set up private email addresses to conduct official business. This prevents the records from being available through the Freedom of Information Act.
  • IRS agent recorded telling section 501(c)(3) applicant that they essentially didn’t have freedom of speech. “You have no Right to speak against someone else’s belief.”
It was very clear during the 2012 election that voter fraud was much more pronounced than during any other election in recent memory.  (Far more than the infamous “hanging chad” affair between Bush & Gore in Florida) There were numerous states involved.  Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Florida (key election states) that were hit hard with voter fraud.
Voting machines were clearly tampered with as well.  Ohio, Illinois, and Nevada reported that touch screens were selecting Obama when voters pushed Mitt Romney. There were numerous counties reporting 100% votes for Obama – no such reports for Romney.
In light of the IRS targeting, coupled with voter fraud in key states, and a fawning media, the 2012 election was clearly altered – at the very least affecting some outcomes at the state level, and perhaps even the presidency.
Voter Fraud should never be tolerated in this country, regardless of your political party. There needs to be inspections conducted locally to ensure vote integrity at every level.  Beyond that, we need Voter ID.  In fact, 74% of Americans support Voter ID , according to the Washington Post.
The Attorney General reports directly to the President
Breaking the law and violating the Fourth Amendment, the DOJ conducted a wide-reaching, secret examination of Associated Press phone records. Holder defends the act, citing an investigation of a grave national security leak (while claiming he recused himself, there is NO record of his recusal) It also seems highly implausible that the Attorney 5-21-2013 4-00-35 PMGeneral (who reports directly to the president) would not have informed the president of this “grave national security leak”.
Gary Pruitt, President and CEO of AP claims that the seizures by the Department of Justice are unconstitutional and is not ruling out legal action. As a result, inside sources that are used daily by reporters now feel intimated and afraid to share information (due to fear of being monitored) – so they’re not. Do not underestimate the significance of this.5-28-2013 3-03-58 PMThis strikes at the heart of a Free Press and the First Amendment. If the press must rely solely on prepared releases from the White House, this is tantamount to unchecked propaganda.
  • Also targeted by DOJ prior to AP,  was chief Washington correspondent for Fox News, James Rosen, (and possibly his parents – unconfirmed) in which they hacked into his personal email account and tracked his movements. (Two other employees of Fox News were also targeted)
  • Attorney General Eric Holder personally signed warrant on James Rosen
  • At least 30 phones in all were monitored, along with badge trails.
  • See Code of Federal Regulations
  • Holder claimed to have had no knowledge of the survellance “In regard to potential prosecution of the press for the disclosure of material — this is not something I’ve ever been involved in, heard of, or would think would be wise policy”
  • Holder personally approved and signed the search warrant on James Rosen.
  • House Judiciary Committee investigating Holders lie to Congress under oath.
  • Obama assigns Holder to investigate….
When the public’s right to know is threatened, and when the rights of free speech and free press are at risk, all of the other liberties we hold dear are endangered.
Christopher Dodd (Democrat)
“Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost.” Thomas Jefferson (Founder)
Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has raised millions in private donations for Obamacare (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) This is an illegal (anti-deficiency law) and a5-21-2013 4-05-55 PM Constitutional violation – only Congress can appropriate funds. Although this scandal has received little attention, it on par or worse in severity with the Iran/Contra scandal in terms of law and Constitution.
NOTE: This is the same Sebelius that imposed rule (without consulting Justice Dept.) that most employers must cover contraception, sterilization and abortion pills. This violates the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.  For more information on Obamacare <click here>
This is similar to the IRS scandal insomuch as it is a clear bias against Obama’s “enemies”.  EPA waved fees for 92 percent of requests from Green groups, while conservative groups5-21-2013 4-04-19 PM seeking information are forced to pay the fees. Let’s not forget the false identity created by EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson used  to avoid record-keeping and disclosure requirements.
The EPA is also playing a very uneven hand with energy companies. For example, if you are and oil company and something happens and some birds die you pay millions in fines. However, if you are a Wind Turbine company (Green) and some birds die you pay nothing.
Comment: EPA has also worked with Hollywood to produce propaganda campaigns against energy producers.  To attack private industries with our tax dollars is unacceptable.
1) The National Security Agency has expanded phone monitoring that was limited to overseas communication to now include phone activities stateside through Verison (and no doubt others yet unnamed).
2) National Security Agency and the FBI are tapping directly into the servers of 9 internet companies to gain access to emails, video/audio, photos, documents, etc. This program is code named PRISM.
In a Senate hearing in March (2013), the Director of NSA James Clapper testified there was no data of any type collected on Americans. In the same month, almost three Billion pieces of data was collected on Americans (as revealed in The Boundless Informant Documents)
The U.S. State Department while run by Hillary Clinton,  attempted to cover-up the hiring of prostitutes, including sex with a minor. There have been at least 8 separate occurrences. It is alleged that Clinton’s security detail hired the prostitutes.  A State Department memo (discovered by CBS) indicates an attempt to stop the DS investigation addressing the misconduct.
  • The Bureau of Diplomatic Security has now requested a review by law enforcement officers.
  • Spokesperson for Clinton states that Hillary learned about it from the media and new nothing about it. (Sound familiar?)
  • The memo also points to the existence of an underground drug ring supplying State Department security with drugs.

The investigation of the above scandals will almost assuredly add to the growing list of Obama’s Constitutional violations (and depending on what is discovered, potentially illegal activity) For a list of current Constitutional violations <click here>

Courtesy Truth Seekers Blog: The Scandals List, A List of Obama's Constitutional Violations

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