16 May 2013

Life Eternal


The artists from the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood art era (founded 1848) produced some of my favorite works by it's many artists of that time. The Pre-Raphael movement's intention was to reform art by rejecting what it considered a mechanistic, unfeeling approach to its depictions, and to restore art to classical elegance.

This is my art essay. In it, I am expressing both the joy of bringing a child into the world - classical, elegant; and the horror - 
mechanistic and unfeeling - of infanticide going on in abortion factories in this country. Death is forever. Whom do we kill? And, why?

In art, Life is forever.

Ford Maddox Brown
Pretty Baa Lambs
Marianne Stokes
Mother and Child

Ford Maddox Brown
Take Your Son, Sir
Mother and Child with a Poppy
 Frederick Richard Pickersgill

Mother and Child
 John Frederick Leighton 

Frank Dicksee
The Mother

Christ in the House of His Parents
 John Everett Mallais

St. Eulalia
John William Waterhouse

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