02 May 2013

An Excellent Blog That
You're Not Reading
But Should Be

You need to subscribe to this blogMental Aikido. Not only is this a well-written, beautifully laid out web-page display, it is rich with great reads ranging from politics to education to philosophy and more . Personally, I have come to depend on the authors' work. 

A good amount of Texas Legislation is posted here, and as a Texan who cares about The Republic of Texas, I have come to virtually rely on this blog's postings to stay informed. Mental Aikido's political philosophy is very similar to mine, so it is with confidence that I visit this site regularly.

I am posting a piece that Mental Aikido presented a few days ago regarding Texas School Choice legislation, where I was able to read the proposed legislation text in full. 

Having recently become a parent whose son's health has necessitated  home schooling, this blog post was required reading. I have quoted the post and my reply in its entirety below. One  post, extraordinarily relevant to my life. 

Read Mental Aikido. Read his story. And also, say thank you.

from http://pg-matuszak.blogspot.com

Texas Truancy Bill and School Choice

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