29 April 2013

West, Texas: Why @MattDavies Cartoon
Sucks More Than the Last Cartoon


Another a tasteless cartoon about the tragedy in West, Texas. You can visit my last post regarding what I believe in terms of freedom of expression. 

This cartoon is just as bad in terms of its depictions as the cartoon by Jack Ohman of the newspaper Sacramento Bee. In Ohman's case, we get it: California hates Texas. Fine. But I pose the same question to Davies as I did Ohman: Some deaths are more eligible to be mocked than other deaths, such as those in the Boston bombings?

But Cartoonist Matt Davies's cartoon is worse because it's the proverbial salt in the wound. This cartoon is syndicated. So a good number of  well-known nation-wide liberal rags have likely run it. AFTER the Ohman cartoon was run. AFTER the memorial services have been held. That's what makes it worse: the timing on this tasteless piece of work is beyond insensitive.

Fifteen people are dead, Mr. Davies, five of them brave firefighters who ran into the disaster, not out of it. Over 200 people were injured. Families are changed forever, jobs lost, children father or motherless. What purpose does this serve? 

More regulations do not make accidents go away. Blaming our Governor is, quite frankly, doltish and immature. And the cartoon is an act of cowardice. 

West, Texas is not an affluent city. People there live below the poverty level. Aren't the liberals the ones who are supposed to be for these kinds of people? Maybe I'm being too presumptuous to include Mr. Davies, a Londoner now living in the United States, as a liberal. But I doubt it.

No matter in the long run. Texans help Texans in tragedies like this, where politics and idiotic cartoons don't get in the way of providing a leg up.

God Bless Texas.

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