26 April 2013

Ready for The New America?
The State Department & The Media Elites
Have It All On Your Screen

Something huge and scary has prompted me to finally return to writing again. In other words, this is too big for just posting on twitter

I was told by Conservatarian (@wilkow1), a military veteran, today that he learned of an atrocious (Progressive) narrative targeting Conservative Military Veterans, deeming them Right Wing Extremists, and that this Prog plan is being funded by the State Department.  Your tax dollars at work, again, America! Conservatarian's words today:
"OK..Pay Attention! I'm posting this story, written by David Sterman. David Sterman is on the National Security Advisory Team at NewAmerica.net. New America is a George Soros funded entity that focuses on changing public policy to impact our traditions and values. They have a propensity for damning what they call 'Right Wing' extremists (Like Me). This story is aimed at Right Wing Extremist Veterans as being more of a threat to the country than Muslim Jihadist Extremists. When I dug into who funds this type of manufactured lies about military Vets, I found more than Just Soros. Also listed as funding them: The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Google, Microsoft, The FORD Foundation, Theresa Kerry, and THE DEPARTMENT OF STATE." 
Um, conflicts of interest much? He continues:
"Yes, The State Department, headed by John 'effing' Kerry; and before him, Hillary Clinton. SO, The State Department is funding an organization that points fingers at ME and my fellow Veterans, and labels us right wing domestic terrorists. And this New America National Security Team is supplying the National Security Administration and Department of Homeland Security with their 'Advice'. If any of you believe ANY of this, or sympathize with them? Don't ever ask me for any kind of assistance again. This makes Me SICK."
While I am not a veteran of any kind other than parenting, I have a passion for supporting all things American Soldier. Naturally, I wanted to know where I could find evidence of this plan, which I immediately determined was truth because the Federal Government has become a ten-thousand headed hydra that is completely out of control. I could only find one article, published by The Atlantic on April 24th.

The article says this: "Right-wing extremists are more likely than violent Islamist extremists--or, as they are sometimes called, jihadists--to have military experience. They are also better armed, and are responsible for more incidents. The past two decades have seen multiple attacks from right-wing extremist veterans..."

This is already news, since the article was published yesterday. However, the website NewAmerica.net is new news, at least to me anyway. Navigating around the site led me to discover that there is a "National Security Advisory Board" at NewAmerica. It can be viewed HERE. More on that in another post.

George Soros's Empire makes cookie-cutter websites. I recognize them immediately, as I have done research on it in the past. NewAmerica.net is no exception. I will prove Soros is behind it in a later post.

For this post, I want to expose what I found.

Let's zoom in a bit:

Conveniently captioned in white on white, what that says is, "What we can learn by comparing how the Tsarnevs' stories corrolate with those of terrorists living in the West."

Wait. What?

How odd. When we click on the area as highlight above, we get THIS.

On the sites homepage, there are links for navigation around the website. Immediate red flag:

There is an additional menu on a corresponding side bar, to navigate to specific topics. Since "Open Zion" made my skin crawl. I am an Evangelical Christian, and I take Genesis 12:3 very seriously. Look what clicking on the "Open Zion" link took me to:

The Daily Beast? That's weird. Why is The Daily Beast promoting "A new conversation about Israel, Palestine, and the Jewish Future." The Jewish future? What about the "Palestinian" future? The article is titled "What Response to Different Tragedies Teach Us About Ourselves."

I haven't read the article yet. That will be covered in my next post. 
The larger picture I wanted to point out requires connecting a few dots: Isolate Conservative Veterans, A story about the Boston bombings, The Atlantic article, and a website called "New America" with links to both the State Department and The "Mainstream" Media. 

I have a whole lot more to explore with this. None of it spells out anything good.

Please stay tuned to my future posts. We're chasing evil here, and it must be exposed and stopped.

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