19 July 2012

Visions of Avalon: Summer 2012

A sampling of shots of this year's trek to Avalon:

tiled map of Avalon Bay

Step Beach

This was part of my "commute" when I walked to the shop.

The famous "Casino." Casino in Italian means "gathering place."

Out the balcony window.

Near Pebbly Beach.

A rainy day!

My Sister's shop, where I "worked,"

A pigeon in the grocery store.


The view from the "office."

Transportation to & from the Mainland.

Early morning at Pebbly beach.

Libertarian Island!

Filling up the transportation at $6.59 a gallon

Just a gorgeous view from lunch.

Avalon Harbor.

Another view of Avalon Bay.

My Sister's Shop where I "worked."

St. Catherine's Catholic Church
One more view of the Casino.

Catalina is a magical place for sure. I have been going there every year for the past 5 summers to help my sister with her shop. It's officially my favorite place in California, and quite honestly the ONLY place in California I'd ever move back to, if I had to. But I always gain a greater appreciation for my home state of Texas everytime I go. 


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