01 February 2012

#YaThink?!?! 'Islamist Firster' President not what he claimed

Need I say more? 

From FreeRepublic: Posted on Wed Feb 01 2012 09:15:56 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time) by Innovative
'Islamist Firster' President not what he claimed 
Washington Times ^ | Jan 31, 2012 | Charles Hurt 

GOLAN HEIGHTS - Surveying the live minefields, cratered roads and mortar-pocked concrete buildings along the border here between Syria and Israel, it is hard not to be reminded of the historic and monumental disappointment President Obama has been.
...Mr. Obama has devoted his administration to raising taxes, adding to the byzantine structure of the federal government, and has created a whole new massive bureaucracy he claims really will cure our every little boo-boo.
Mr. Obama chose to unilaterally alienate perhaps our most strategically important ally in the world and do all he can to cozy up to the very people who are dedicated to destroying not only Israel, but America as well.
Leading Democrats have been in the news lately sliming Americans who stick up for Israel as being "Israel Firsters." Well, Mr. Obama has become an "Islamist Firster."
Since becoming president, he has not once visited our greatest ally in the region. Rather, he has gone to places like Cairo to tell the Muslim world how much he likes it.
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