07 October 2011

How will you help decide?

If I could figure out how to make this a running loop and put it on a screen outside my house, I'd have it playing until election day.  I may just try.  Please share this video.  These are the people in the Cartel that is our White House, the people that Barack Hussein Obama surrounds himself with. The Czars: the UNELECTED ADVISORS who along with the Usurper in Chief are committing acts of crime beyond your wildest imagination.  Richard Nixon & Andrew Johnson (my distant relative!) are angels compared to the man this country calls President.
Here is the link: http://web.gbtv.com/media/video.jsp?content_id=19851083

In all my heart, I believe the next Presidential election will be about what kind of country America will either remain, a Republic as intended by our Founding Fathers, or a Socialist Nation, the one Nikita Kruschev told us that would creep in so slowly it would be too late.

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