18 October 2011

The GOP Presidential Candidates Can Really Make A Significant Statement at Tonight's Debate

Has anyone beside me noticed that so far the Republican GOP Presidential debates have more or less been about debating the moderators rather than each other? In times past, way past I suppose, debates served a purpose: Moderators would ask the candidates a question on a substantive issue, and the candidates would answer so that the voting audience could make a determination among the responses. Now, it seems the debates are a staged circus show made up of pre-thought sound-bites and jump-through-the-hoops to avoid stupid answers to stupid "gotcha" question.

The candidates have all been handed a gift quite recently.
Read THIS story at The Blaze:

Every candidate at tonight's debate should bring this up, whether they are asked about it or not.  (It's not likely to be brought up as the Lilly-liberal effeminate Anderson Cooper will be the host, so the candidates have a great opportunity here.) Each candidate has an opportunity to distance themselves from the anti-capitalist, anti-personal success, anti-American Dream to say the least about them: Among these people, literal useful idiots, are Union ThugsMarxists, Socialists, Anarchists, and Neo-Nazis all espousing what they hate about the United States of America, ALL supporting the cause behind "Occupy Wall Street". And the current President just said he's on their side. What a gift they've been given. Will any one of them use it?

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