17 February 2011

2 + 2 = 5
Here's How

It appears our new Mr. Gibbs, Jay Carney, didn't listen to his math teachers.  In all likelihood, he never took a basic economics course because over the last three decades the Progressives and the Department of Education have erased the availability to learn sensible economic principles.
Here's how I taught my boys when they were younger. Use shiny dollar coins, it makes it more fun. Adults can learn from this too!

ADD Moment: I did not particularly enjoy math while in school. Algebra was cool. But Geometry sucked, and so I cut class. Everyone who knows me knows I don't do math in my head - it's a visual-learning style thing. But I love word problems, and was grateful that while my sons were in elementary school that I could help them with that kind of math homework. 
Ok, so back to our Math Lesson. Politically speaking, it does in fact have two different answers:
Mr. Smith has $2.00 in his pocket because he just cashed his $2.00 paycheck at the bank. Mr. Smith goes to his mailbox and gets Bar tab bill. It says he owes Mr. Liquor, the owner of  The Bar, $3.00.  So Mr. Smith goes to his friend Mr. Jones and says, "Hey, I need to borrow a dollar. Can you help me?" Mr. Jones says, "Sure! But be sure to pay it back, because I have to buy my kid  a new pair of shoes at the end of the week."
Question: How much money does Mr. Smith now have?
Liberal Progressive Answer: Mr. Smith has $5.00! (So you see, two plus two CAN equal five!)
Responsible Conservative Answer: Mr. Smith has -$1.00, because Mr. Smith isn't in denial about his Bar Tab
Extra Credit: Who is more fiscally irresponsible? Mr.Smith, Mr. Jones, or Mr. Liquor? 
This lesson actually teaches on multiple points, but for the purposes of this post, I needed to make the title of this post add up, so to speak.

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