01 December 2010

Government Legislation + Sunlight = Ghosts in the Machine

Several weeks back I jotted a very quick blog post about how George Soros is connected to Creative Commons licensing and Open* Source internet software.  I've done some more research and here's one little tidbit that is interesting. Here's one of many of the dots (stay tuned - blog posts about it all are coming!) I've been able to connect.

Use GovTrack.org to do your research on US Legislation? While in and of itself use of GovTrack is an individual prerogative. Hwever, here's why I won't use it and haven't used it for over a year.  GovTrack.org states on their website that a "small part" of the site has been "externally funded": 
The interactivity on the bill text pages was developed by Kevin Henry supported by a grant from the Sunlight Foundation. Thanks, Sunlight!

I am relying on the accuracy at Muckety.com, and the site makes it very easy to connect the dots:

The Sunlight Foundation receives funding from the Center for Responsive Politics which receives funding from the Joyce Foundation, both are connected to the Open Society Institute (http://www.soros.org).

I won't use GovTrack.org as a matter of principle. I use THOMAS because it comes out of the Office of the Library of Congress.  Besides, I pay for that site, and so do you: it is your tax dollars at work.

*The word "Open" has very interesting political implications.  More on that later. 

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