01 November 2010

Bush Throws Strike to Ryan - Miss Him Yet?

Because I am a visual (see: 41, 43 & Ryan), tactile (clap, clap, clap your hands to-ge-ther), and auditory (can you HEAR that crowd!?!) mental processor, THIS needs no (more) words from me:

Now, because I am a Major League Baseball Fan(atic), and the only thing good that comes out of the early part of the fall season* is the Fall Classic:

C'MON RANGERS! This is SFO here. 
And we hate them. 
And we would hate it if they would win.

But ya know -- I'm proud of y'all anyway.  Congrats, Texas Rangers, for your first World Series.

 for this!

*what can I say? I am SUMMERTIME hippy-chick.

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