11 October 2010

A Tea Party Cultural Achievement: We've Reached Stereotypicalability

Have Tea Party-ers been around long enough to have become stereotyped?  By this cartoon, I would answer in the affirmative.

Or, is this just some heavy propaganda? It definitely speaks to the mentality of the cartoonist.

I have no idea, since I can't get into the cartoonist's head.  But I did find the picture on a blog wherein its title and author shall at this time remain anonymous for the purposes of my irritation and in analyzing the image.

Clearly this cartoonist is exercising his First Amendment Rights.  And so is the imaginary stereotyped protester in the image.  

 Let's take this image apart just for fun, shall we?

"Go back to Kenya!"  Well, why not? He has family there, right? (The "birther" issue is not really an issue, and it never was.*)

The Confederate Flag - This has got to be one of the oldest stereotyped icons in America.  Ask someone what it stands for, depending on what part of the country you're in, and they might tell you things like slavery, southern pride, the Civil War.  But here's the FACTS: The "Southern Cross" is actually an image of St. Andrew's cross.  It was not the first battle flag for the Southern States in the Civil War.

Nazi symbols? Please.  Though their image will forever be indelable in our brains in standing for the horrors of mass murder by Hitler's Germans of European Jews, it looks stupid here.  Yes, stupid. But the smiling joker face? That's just pure mass-media street art genius by an artist that lived half-way around the world.

Obama as a witch doctor: I denounce this whole-heartedly, as it's clearly racist. Anyone who uses this image at a rally likely is a racist. Or a retard, as were the retard liberal plants who carried a similar sign at a rally I attended in April.  We called them out and they left. Or wait....is it saying "Obama-care" will be like what a witchdoctor would do? hmmm....

The gun on a his holster: And? Your point is? (PS: It's called the Second Amendment.  You're welcome.

"Joe Wilson was right!!"  Yeah, come to think of it, he kinda was.  He didn't follow proper decorum.  But he wasn't lying either.

I have NEVER, EVER seen "Death to Obama, Michelle, and their children" at a Tea Party, and I've been to A LOT of them, in different parts of the country.  Never.

Does anyone really used the word "colored" anymore? Seriously.

See the sign that says"Socialist, Marxist, Muslim, Racist"? Real Hard Evidence can be found in justification for a sign like that:  
  • Obama's mother wrote about socialism and was a communist socializer.
  • Obama's mentor Frank Marshall Davis was a member of the Communist Party CPA.
  • Obama's Brother Roy and Cousin Odinga are Marxists
  • Obama Attended Socialist Conferences at Cooper Union
  • Obama Attended Several Meetings with the Democratic Socialists in Chicago and Was even Endorsed by Them 
  • Obama's Church is Rooted in Liberation Theology which is Rooted in Marxism
  • From 'Dreams of my Father', "The emotion between the races could never be pure..... the THE OTHER RACE (WHITE) WOULD ALWAYS REMAIN JUST THAT: MENACING, ALIEN AND APART"
  • From Dreams Of My Father:
  • "THAT HATE HADN'T GONE AWAY," he wrote, BLAMING WHITE PEOPLE,- SOME CRUEL, SOME IGNORANT, sometimes a single face, sometimes just a faceless image of a system claiming power over our lives."
"This is NOT my America"  Yep.  In more and more ways, it's not. So there is at least one portion of this animate that is not stereotyped.  

my thanks to Socialism, Marxism, Communism & Obama and CommieBlaster.com.And of course, the stereotypical Leftist cartoonist, too. 

*The eligibility issue is something else all together different.  You can read about it HERE.

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