20 September 2010

The Tax Man Taketh

USA Today's interactive
tax increase calculator

USA Today had an interesting post today about what happens if/when the Bush tax cuts expire. They have this interactive bubble chart (left) that you can mouse around on to get examples of how much more or less wage earners will be affected after the Bush tax cuts expire and/or the Obama* "tax cuts" go into place. What the examples didn't show though is who the tax cuts would hurt the most. 

Though there is a link later in the article that takes you to the website where you can input your own numbers, the mouse-over bubble image is really a disservice. How the expired tax cuts will affect the lowest wage earners never gets enough media time - and this is who need the tax cuts the most.

Obviously everyone's taxes will go up on 01.01.2011 at 12:01am. But to demonstrate how I entered my own example data.  A married couple with three children under the age of 17 with no deductions to speak of (other than the kids) making a combined  income of $32,000.  When the tax cuts expire for this financially challenged family, the total tax liability for this financially struggling family would be $4,563 higher. 

And, interestingly enough, AFTER Obama's tax proposal? Tax liability difference? $0.00. In other wordsthe total tax liability for this financially struggling family would be $4,563 higher.

Which means what? More Americans who have to depend on THE GOVERNMENT for help?

Gee, you'd think that this is almost by design. 
Try it out for yourself.

TRACKER: Where are your tax dollars?

*Note! Obama is not making tax cuts.  He's merely proposing a tax change, allegedly aimed at the middle-class.

No  matter how anyone calculates any of it, the federal income tax, or better stated as the money they take from hard-working Americans' wages, is tantamount to SLAVERY.

Bonus Link: Is the Federal Income Tax Constitutional?

Oh, and here's even more good news:

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