18 September 2010

For a Short While, the Whole World was American

(last in a week-long series)

There are countless heroes still among us who helped so many people on September 11 and the days following. Some of them are known, many are not. I'm sure they'd all trade the tragedy for any kind of notoriety for their help. A special thank you @Jikiri for sharing some memories with me of all the good that happened during the experience; and a special thanks to @cnin whom I know to have been an NYPD officer serving at that time.

We should all remember what we're living for.

In total 3,497 people died in the attacks on 11 September 2001. 
*I could not find a list of the victims' names

In addition, 19 cowards - the terrorists who hijacked four airliners and murdered 3,497 people - also died. 

An American tragedy, an attack on the world:

CountryTotal fatalities
 Canada24 [37][38]
 Côte d'Ivoire1
 Democratic Republic of the Congo2
 Dominican Republic1
 El Salvador2
 India41 [39]
 Italy10 [42]
 Japan24 [43]
CountryTotal fatalities
 New Zealand2
 South Africa2
 South Korea28
 Republic of China (Taiwan)1
 United Kingdom66* [48][49]
(Source: Wikipedia: Casualties of Sept. 11)

More sobering numbers can be found HERE.

Part of the Proposed NYC Memorial

the Pentagon Memorial

       Shanksville, Pennsylvania is slow to achieve the goal of a fitting Memorial

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