15 August 2010

Free Republic: What Obama and his supporters are really doing -- the truth

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What Obama and his supporters are really doing -- the truth
Various and thinking | 19 July 2010 | menemenetekelupharsin 

Posted on Mon Jul 19 2010 23:50:37 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time) by MeneMeneTekelUpharsin

The Obama Plan (with the aid of supporters/conspirators)
Many people have been wondering what the Obama administration with the help of certain members of congress and influential, Godless radicals around the world are doing to the United States. In this essay, it will be pointed out that more than likely a specific plan is in place to divide the nation, make an attempt to pull it back together, appear to be the hero in the process and eventually end up with an ultimate disaster and a lot of deaths instead of accomplishing the intended goal.
A lot of people in the nation are outraged (the anger is unprecedented) as they watch decisions made by this administration and/or actions/moves taken which appear to be to the detriment of the good of the nation and of the freedoms of the citizenry. Some knowledgeable individuals have informed the writer that all of the moves are deliberate and part of an overall plan. It appears that President Obama and the individuals in his inner circle which would include not only aforementioned radicals from U.S. history and fringe element members of Congress along with some foreign interests are deliberately trying to provoke those with a conservative, Godly mindset to commit some act of violence which would precipitate armed conflict within the nation between opposing groups and/or the government.
Comments he has made about the people clinging to the “…religion and their guns.”, his support of extremely liberal philosophy such as homosexuality, abortion, illegal immigration and Islam (and others) openly and arrogantly is enraging many in the U.S., even some who supported him in the presidential election. He has taken steps which are obviously and specifically anti-business and ultimately anti-good economy hurting some of the very people who have supported him with votes. He has openly blackmailed BP and has not allowed the corporation to quickly and efficiently stop the oil leak for political and financial gain by demanding they provide funds. He will then claim that HE was responsible for providing the funds and thus “buy” votes with BPs money.
He has on several occasions brought up amnesty for illegal aliens and talk is now he will try to legalize this group through the stroke of the pen instead of legislation in order to effect his will and create new voters for his party to the tune of nearly 30 million (yes, nearly 30 million illegals are actually in the nation – ask anyone who deals with the Hispanic population and they will tell you there are far more than are officially reported by the media, etc.). Why would he do this? Certain members of Congress are also bluntly advocating action/points of view which are precipitating not previously seen anger among many in the U.S. These stances would seem to be counterproductive to securing votes in the upcoming mid-term elections and even the next presidential election. And, neither the President nor his advocates seem to show any remorse about decisions made. Why?
It has been brought to the writer’s attention that this group of people WANTS conservative groups to rebel and commit an act of violence to play into a trap that is being set. They want states like Arizona and Texas to rebel and try to secede and AG Holder quickly stirs the pot every chance he gets.

They believe they can rally the nation to defeat these “radicals” who would be called all sorts of names (already beginning) and “unify” the nation once again under Obama’s leadership, making him a modern day “Abraham Lincoln.” Analogies to this effect have already been attempted earlier with some things that have been written. The Tea Party movement is at present being vilified and any other conservative or group of conservatives is immediately set upon and demonized when trying to establish a proper agenda based on right and wrong.
The solution to this entire problem is a massive uprising of the people to vote this Fall and in the presidential elections later to correct this situation. The nation must return to its moral foundation of Biblical teaching and vote correctly based on a knowledge of what is right. If we begin to fight each other, we will more than likely be subject to invasion by some foreign power and overwhelmed. I don’t think the group behind this mess plans on that and that is a fatal flaw to the entire process. If we have a civil war in this nation it will not be regional or racial. It will be nearly impossible to consistently determine who the enemy is because the war will be ideological and each neighbor has a different point of view. The potential for absolute disaster because of the preceding is tremendous if you think about it. It will almost be every man for himself – a truly horrible civil war situation which would lead to complete societal collapse.
More details could be provided, but this is enough to get the basic idea across. What a tragedy that it has come to this. Many older people are making comments about politics and government that this writer has never heard that generation make and it is truly frightening where we are headed. Americans better wake up and elect some real leaders with real moral backbone or face destruction. We must ourselves return to our moral roots or we will never elect moral people to lead us. May God help us all.

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