29 July 2010

She Bangs: Alvin "William Hung" Greene for Congress

Let me start this by saying I mean this as a most sincere and genuine complement.

The first time I heard Alvin Green speak was on a radio show where the hosts were seemingly making fun of him.  Because of my big heart when it comes to people with special needs, I was instantly defensive for Mr. Greene.  Who were these guys to make fun of someone who is genuinely trying to be a good American?  So he may not win - so what? He already has better character in my book than 97.99999% of the seemingly able-minded dolts who are running Washington while simultaneously ruining this country.

During the amazing Tea Party/912 Movement that started in early 2009, I've often  thought of that fun sleeper of a film "The Distinguished Gentleman." I've never coupled the theme of that film with candidate Greene, but today this awesome blog post,( from Back to Basics) did that for me.  And, it motivated me to write this blog post about whom I did think of the more I learned of Mr. Greene.

Remember this guy?  He was rejected on American Idol faster than he could even think about what was happening to him, and he took his rejection like a gentleman. Judge Simon Cowell dismissed Hung's performance outright: "You can't sing, you can't dance, so what do you want me to say?"  Hung responded: "I already gave my best, and I have no regrets at all."

 I'm sure the Idol fans and the audience thought that was the last of him, after mocking him and making fun of his performance of Ricky Martin's song,  "She Bangs!"  But then, a funny thing happened on the way to obscurity.  William Hung was a huge hit.  We can't exactly say why, but my guess is it was because he seemed to emit an aura of genuine effort while innocently accepting his rejection as no big deal, nothing personal, the future is bright after all.  Sometimes you can just tell what happened, and with William, everyone picked up on it.   He cut a CD, people bought it, and a singing career was born.  Maybe his 15 minutes are up, but I'm sure he watches the clock all the way to the bank. Check out his website, WilliamHung.net.  Hung has toured all over the world, has many hit songs, and even has his character inserted into The Sims.  I believe what made Mr. Hung so appealing is we all knew he was on his way to getting his piece of the American Dream.

Mr. Alvin Greene
I've thought the same for Alvin Greene.  Out of nowhere, even obscurity, if you will, here's this man who miraculously won the Democrat nomination for the U.S. Senate in his state of South Carolina. I repeat, The U.S. Senate. This is another part to the American Dream: our Founding Fathers set up a system where virtually anyone could participate in the governing system.  Unlike the government the colonies came from, a person did not have to own property, hold social rank or have tons of money to partake in the new Republic.

(ADD moment: Speaking of King George III, have times changed, or what? Just for fun, check out Tom O'Halloran's TwistedSocialistBastards.com )

Alvin Greene will face Senator Jim DeMint in the General Election in November.  So many questions arose, rather delayed after the South Carolina Primary: Who is this guy?  how did he do it? Where did he get his money? Did we ask who is this guy?  A little dirt has come up on him, but nothing the LSM press and tv can really run with. He is a military veteran after all. (The LSM is too busy staying in the Democrat Party Tank anyway - and lucky for Greene, that's his party too.) Perhaps Senator DeMint better not count any of his proverbial chickens?

It's been an astonishing political season, to say the least.  Some of our amazement has been wonderful (Rand Paul's victory); some, totally stupefying (Obama's appearance on The View - link deliberately excluded) and even  downright scary (the Obama Administration's ties to socialist radicalism).  2003 was an amazing season for one unique, genuine and naive but unafraid American Idol contestant named William Hung.  As for Alvin Greene, 2010 is already amazing...isn't it?  Of course it is.  This is America.

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