11 June 2010

Gulf Coast Walrus and Otters and Seals, Oh My!

British Petroleum apparently thinks that there are walruses in the Gulf of Mexico. And seals, sea lions and otters, too. Apparently the Obama Administration agrees with them, because the Federal Minerals Management Service  approved BP's Deepwater Horizon Regional Response Plan:
BP PLC's 582-page regional spill plan for the Gulf, and its 52-page, site-specific plan for the Deepwater Horizon rig are riddled with omissions and glaring errors, according to an Associated Press analysis that details how BP officials have pretty much been making it up as they go along. The lengthy plans approved by the federal government last year before BP drilled its ill-fated well vastly understate the dangers posed by an uncontrolled leak and vastly overstate the company's preparedness to deal with one. (Source: Christian Science Monitor)
BP's "Gulf Coast Oil Spill Expert" is a dead man. The gentleman's name was Peter Lutz and he died in 2005. 
There are other wildly false assumptions in the documents. BP's proposed method to calculate spill volume judging by the darkness of the oil sheen is way off. The internationally accepted formula would produce estimates 100 times higher.
The Gulf's loop current, which is projected to help eventually send oil hundreds of miles around Florida's southern tip and up the Atlantic coast, isn't mentioned in either plan. The website listed for Marine Spill Response Corp. — one of two firms that BP relies on for equipment to clean a spill — links to a Japanese-language page. (CSM)
The publication Homeland Security Newswire evidently documented the errors in the report back on May 18th:
BP's 582-page emergency-response never anticipated an oil spill as large as the one now gushing on the floor of the Gulf of Mexico; a closer reading shows the document was not much than a boilerplate, cut-and-paste job used by BP from region to region; in a section titled "Sensitive Biological & Human-Use Resources," the emergency plan lists "seals, sea otters and walruses" as animals that could be impacted by a Gulf of Mexico spill -- even though no such animals live in the Gulf; the plan was approved in July by the federal Minerals Management Service (MMS), a toothless agency accused by lawmakers of being in the pocket of the oil industry ... (HSN)
It's almost funny - the part about Arctic animal life being in the Gulf of Mexico.  It is ridiculous, that's for certain.  But maybe people will realize out of this horrific catastrophe: BIG GOVERNMENT AND BIG CORPORATIONS ARE ONE IN THE SAME.  And what they are not is free market, free enterprise, free entrepreneurial, or free thinking See: Mises Institute).

Countless offers from people local and worldwide have been made to help.  What's stopping them? The same force that laid the ground work for this monstrosity to begin with.  The Environmental "Protection" Agency. And by the way, the Department of the Interior Secretary Ken Salazar SUCKS.

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If you need nore ridiculousness, you can read even more here. Otherwise, enjoy this photograph taken by Mr. Lutz from the Alabama Gulf Coast just days before the April 20th explosion.

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  1. I TOLD my husband that was a polar bear out on the sand bar. Nice of the government to confirm it for me.


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