02 May 2010


this truly makes me terribly sad
Occasionally I try to write from my past liberal perspective. Sometimes it's hard to, other times it's not.  In this instance, with the earth bleeding out oil all over the Gulf of Mexico, it's not hard at all.

In my teens and twenties I was a member of Greenpeace.  Greenpeace wasn't always so bad. It wasn't the enviro/eco-nazi equivalent of today, where it got so bad over the global warming scam that it's founder quit the program.  When Obama lifted the whaling embargo, I cringed. When it comes to animal cruelty, this is why I'm a Libertarian, or  a libertarian (notice the small '"l").

This is also why I'm a conservative - or is it Conservative- who knows. I just know that as creatures of the earth, as sentient beings created by God, we humans are supposed to be over them.  Just as we are to be over the land He gave us.  I recycle. We're all commanded to be good stewards of this planet that the Lord gave us.

What is happening in the Gulf of Mexico, MY Third Coast, is heartbreaking.  It is catastrophic environmentally.  It is going to be apocalyptic in nature (seriously, no pun intended).  And it is something that, hard as it may be, that is going to require putting politics, blame games, and conspiracy theories aside.  It happened.  Shit happens.  It doesn't matter who/what/how did it - it matters that it get CLEANED UP.

Yes, soon enough, us Conservatives will have to watch how the EPA takes advantage of this.  Greenpeace is already calling for Obama to initiate a moratorium on off-shore drilling.  That's just not realistic. Us Libertarians will have to push for the ability for people to truly be able to market REAL energy solutions that have honestly been available since the oil crisis of the 1970s.  But us Americans are going to have to buck up and take care of what this is going to do to the Gulf Coast.  There is already a website set up to find out how to help, called Deepwater Horizon Response.  And America, we best PRAY that God has some kind of plan for us with this horrific earthbleed.

For a really amazing photo set of the oil spill, click here.

For a prayer suggestion, go to Matthew 6:9-13.

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