31 March 2010

The Emperor's Marxist Clothes

Many years ago there was an Emperor so exceedingly fond of new clothes that he spent all his money on being well dressed. He cared nothing about reviewing his soldiers, going to the theatre, or going for a ride in his carriage, except to show off his new clothes.

So many red flags were waving when Barack Hussein Obama ran for President of the United States.  Warnings about his questionable radical socialist background sounded by conservatives like myself fell on deaf ears, and we were called crazy or worse, racist.   The Emperor was showing off  his wardrobe loudly.  Was he ever praised.  

Every day many strangers came to town, and among them one day came two swindlers. They let it be known they were weavers, and they said they could weave the most magnificent fabrics imaginable.

The strangers in our story, by the way, are the main stream media .  The If ever there were swindlers, these folks are it. 

So off went the Emperor in procession under his splendid canopy. Everyone in the streets and the windows said, "Oh, how fine are the Emperor's new clothes! Don't they fit him to perfection? And see his long train!" Nobody would confess that he couldn't see anything, for that would prove him either unfit for his position, or a fool. No costume the Emperor had worn before was ever such a complete success.

"But he hasn't got anything on," a little child said.

"Did you ever hear such innocent prattle?" said its father. And one person whispered to another what the child had said, "He hasn't anything on.  A child says he hasn't anything on."

The Emperor clearly has no clothes, yet who doesn't notice? Where is that young child in the Anderson story who proclaims in The Hans Christian Anderson classic tale The Emperor's New Clothes, "But he hasn't got anything on."

The young child in this story is of course the newly awakened American masses.  And still if we call any evident radicalism out on the carpet, we're still labeled racists.  But the message about being under a regime of radicalism is being shouted more loudly these days.  It's just not enough people are seeing the child, let alone hearing his proclamation of truth.  Keep on shouting.  More and more do hear, and they can see.

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