25 January 2010

CHI & Company

 From the Blog by Debbie Schlussel "...Shami not only won’t specifically condemn Hezbollah, HAMAS, and Islamic Jihad terrorist groups, but he was honored by the American Task Force on Palestine, a pan-terrorist group that claims that all of Israel is 'Palestine.' ...through his foundation, he funds an extremist school in the so-called West Bank.  Shami, Yasser Arafat’s and the Saudi’s fave former hairstylist, is the owner of Farouk Systems*, which produces and sells the BioSilk, CHI, and Sunglitz hair products..."

Farouk Shami, multi-millionaire haircare magnate and candidate for governor of Texas, appears to have ties to Antisemitism.

*FaroukSystems.com seems to have been taken down and scrubbed, all the way back to Feb 04, 2006 
We're sorry, access to http://www.farouksystems.com/search.php?landing=true has been blocked by the site owner via robots.txt.

This is the last page at Farouk Systems, published and changed on 2/4/06:

Click HERE to read more by Debbie Schlussel: Your Tax Dollars at Work, with Shami's Help.

More facts regarding Mr. Shami provided by Ms. Schlussel:
* Shami traveled as a hairdresser for members of the Saudi Royal family, and in order to make some extra money, he purchased merchandise from the stores and then re-sold them to the female members of the traveling party at a significant mark-up.
* Suha Arafat, the “wife”/beard of the late P.L.O. terrorist-in-chief Yasser Arafat, is from Shami’s home town, Beit Ur Al Tahta, and Farouk makes a point to visit her whenever he is in Paris.
* Shami’s father, Sheikh Mohammed Shami, had a very close association with Palestinian Liberation Army (part of the PLO), and before that, organized Arabs to brutally murder Jews for the entire decade before Israel became a state:
Shami was commissioned to organize the Palestinian paramilitary under the name of the Palestinian Scouts. . . . The Scouts were the main figures in the fight against the establishment of Israel in the land of Palestine. . . .
Mohammed Shami commanded all the Arab troops west of Jerusalem, who desperately fought the . . . Jewish forces. For his resistance work between 1936-48, Mohammed was recognized in 1995 by the Palestinian Authority as Dean of Palestinian Veterans.
Mr. Shami is running on the Democrat ticket.

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