15 November 2009

Your Organized Tax Dollars At Work

It is so important for the thinking impared to realize that this legislation is anything but being about "health care."  Alas,  that's wishful thinking on my part.

In the spirit of the continuous support toward the dumbing down of America, the Democrats have, on behalf of the President, provided for people a way to write to the editors of newspapers how much they are so supportive of "Health Care Reform." It couldn't be easier to lead the blind in this building idiocracy with the Organizing for America template-driven letter-to-editor for-dummies on-line form.  Don't you just love the celebrated "O" being integrated with the universal symbol for medicine, the Caduceus?  That must make it all so authentic!!   When you go to the Demo-Union's website, you find a button to click to "Write A Letter to the Editor!" Of course, if you are subscribed to the Organizer's website, you get an email prompting you to "Contact Your Newspapers!" just in case you hadn't already thought of it.

 Next, all you have to do is know your zip code, and up comes a prompts for which newspapers you'd like to eschew to about the new, free healthcare!  In case you're not completely convinced about what to say "Talking Points" are provided for you. Every one of the talking points in this form is false information, presented by the administration that believes that Americans are stupid.
"Talking Points:
On Saturday, November 7th, a bipartisan majority of the House of Representatives  made history by passing  H.R. 3962, the Affordable Health Care for America Act.
After nearly a century of false starts, this was the first time a chamber of Congress has ever passed comprehensive health insurance reform. This is a historic accomplishment.
Representatives who voted for this bill deserve thanks for resisting tremendous pressure from the insurance industry lobbyists and standing up for their constituents.
Those who did not vote for the bill have one last opportunity to reconsider and support reform in the upcoming final House vote – and they should do so."
"A vote for this bill was a vote to provide secure and stable coverage for Americans with insurance, expand coverage for those who do not have insurance, lower costs for families and businesses, and begin to reduce the deficit."

I continue to be astounded and  amazed at the audacity of this administration to deceptively present the issue as "Affordable Health Care" to the dumbed-down masses as something that will be beneficial to the people. Recent estimates by the Congressional Budget Office have this catastrophe in socialism costing over one TRILLION dollars which we must start paying for now but wouldn't take effect until 2013?  What is this, health care lay-away??
WashingtonWatch.com has the cost-estimate per family at $15,153.54.  Ok, I'll get out my paycheck.

Writing Tips :
• Be concise. Most newspapers ask for Letters to the Editor to be less than 300 words.
• Write from the heart. The most powerful letters will tell your personal story about why the topic of your letter is so important to you.
Note: These points are only to provide extra information and suggestions. Do not use these points verbatim. Your letter must be original and should focus on your personal views and experiences."

What contract being 1,990 pages would anyone ever sign without reading it?  And not receive what is being bought until four years away, yet pay immediately?  I guess the useful idiots would sign it.  But then, would they realize that they have signed away the rights of their own health-future as well as those of future generations?  That their taxes will increase, that end-of-life care will be rationed, that abortion will be fincanced with tax payer dollars, and that Congress itself exempted themselves from the legislation??? Most Americans are opposed to government-run health care.

So how do we tell people that this isn't really about health care? How do we get people who don't want to hear it, or are in denial, or are regretting their vote, or are used to handouts - to listen?  Will it work if we let them know that there is actually a provision in the bill that makes Americans buy health insurance or the go to jail or prison?  Democrats will dismiss that notion, but in reality, this is a TAX and the tax code will apply...and if someone doesn't pay their taxes, then there are consequences. Unconstitutional consequences, but since when does the federal government pay attention to the Constitution?

Start Now.  Now is when the Senators should pay attention to the Constitution.  Americans opposed to government-run anything have fought this issue, and  will continue to fight it, myself included.  The battle against this monstrosity is not easy - we don't have fill-in-the-blank websites, thought generators, or writing tips all conveniently located in one place under the guise of being Presidential. We're too smart for that.


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