04 September 2009

Enviro-Theology And Its Epic Proportionally Created Myths

Earlier this week, I stayed up one evening until 3 AM emailing every English-speaking country regarding this image on this list at the World Wildlife Federation's website. Someone on the Wide World of Web posted the video wherein the Brazil bureau of the WWF was trying to make a point. I'm not sure I'd ever seen anything more repugnant. I posted a note about it on my Facebook page, and got some valuable comments that got me thinking more about it. The tactic of WWF Brasil in this instance for me did not achieve what appeared to be the goal.

As a Christian and a Conservative (CONSERVE, get it?) I am a believer in being good stewards of our planet. And I for sure don't want my kids inheriting a world where toxins are emitted everywhere else while the world is blaming the United States. What makes the "Green/Environmental" movement such a turn off to me anymore is that they've resorted to perverted measures to win people over.

The Enviro-deists have also created levels of mythology we're to act upon and panic over, and then run out and buy Mercury*-containing flourescent light bulbs.

I think for some, and I'm not alone in this thinking, that Environmentalism has become a form of religion and way of life whereby "Mother Earth" is the Supreme Divine to be worshipped on high. In fact, the Environmental movement is generating their own mythology, much like the Romans did at the height of the Roman Empire. Environmentalism + relgion + mythology = Envirotheology?

The Romans
had developed their system of historical myths and rituals from Greek mythology, and over the centuries their mythology became deeply ingrained in their culture. Like Roman mythology, the Environs have their deities as well: themselves and their "causes". Deities are needed to save their Pantheon that is the planet. The Planet is dying! The Planet is sick! The carbon-based polluting humans are killing her and they must save Her at any cost. The non-demon earth-humans make themselves into and/or di Indiginetes.

The dii Consentes were what we called when we were learning Roman mythology in school the Romans' Major gods and goddesses, such as Venus, Jupiter, Juno and Diana.** In Envirotheology, Al Gore, Van Jones, Cass Sunstein and any of the other "czars" on the current administration's list are the major gods. Let's call them Enviro-Consentes.

The di Indiginetes were the "minor gods" that were invoked to assist the Romans in daily life with very specific tasks and goals. They also served purposes for all kinds of behaviors and rituals and they numbered in the hundreds. Among them were Copia, Pomona, Tempestes and my favorite, Libertas.** These are the roles for the Environs: We'll call them Enviro-Indiginetes. The Enviro-Indiginetes are here to work on the Human's behalf to achieve what the Enviro-Consentes want. Public examples would be your such as these folks who mourn the loss of a tree. Far be it for me to condemn their freedom of expression, but please, don't express it ONTO me.

Centuries into their culture, the roles of the major and minor deities in Romans' lives flipped: honoring the gods came first in order to make anything happen. Rituals became isideous, indulgences paid , images were commissioned (see this vase honoring Janus), and behavior, ultimately bringing the Romans' to ruin, became deplorable.

I thought the images, a computer-animated video of thousands of planes hitting the World Trade Center and Manhattan Island "created independently" and then put out by WWF Brasil was a deplorable act.

I took action by emailing this message with this link:

Did I go overboard by emailing 25 WWF global offices? Did I elevate myself to Counter Enviro-Consentes? Did I invoke my Enviro-Indigenetes to aid me demonizing WWF Global? (Well, only if you count posting it on Facebook a few times first. Hey, I was appalled and was being human). No, actually, I prayerfully considered what to do because I couldn't sleep (hence the post 3 AM bedtime). Prayers, unlike Envirotheology, actually work: God gave me the strength to make it through the next day on less than 3 hours sleep!

The video has since been pulled and condemned by WWF International. WWF Brasil, to their credit, offered a generous retraction and apology [from Google Translate, below***]. They admitted that images like that did not promote what they stood for. And, they "fired" their Enviro-indigenetes. One of them, anyway.

I'd like to believe I made a difference.

One final note: In researching "Climate Change" I ran across a climate change de-bunking site that described something called "The Archimedes Principle to explain the ever-shrinking glaciers." The Archimedes of Roman mythology? Well,no. That would have made a perfect conclusion to my post here! But, Archimedes of Syracuse was a real person, and is generally considered to be the greatest mathematician of antiquity and one of the greatest of all time. If I need to invoke for purposes of a rational argument a proportionally-created Enviro-Indigenetes, it will be Archimedes.
Example email:
Thursday, September 3, 2009 1:35 AM

To: ca-panda@wwfcanada.org



*Mercury in Roman mythology was a dii consentes, the messenger of the Gods and the god of commerce, speed, thieves, and trade.
**Libertas was the Roman goddess of liberty, a personification of being the free from enslavement.

***"O WWF-Brasil manifesta que a mensagem da peça publicitária "Tsunami" não reflete de forma alguma a opinião da organização e seus colaboradores e repudia veementemente sua publicação e circulação.

"A relação entre atos de terrorismo, que vitimaram milhares de pessoas, com os efeitos das mudanças climáticas não é justificada em hipótese alguma e não está alinhada com a mensagem que a organização pretende passar para atingir seus objetivos de conservação da natureza e uso sustentável dos recursos naturais."

"WWF-Brazil expresses the message of the advertising piece "Tsunami" does not reflect in any way the views of the organization and its employees and strongly repudiates its publication and circulation.

"The relationship between acts of terrorism, killing thousands of people, with the effects of climate change is not justified in any way and is not aligned with the message that the organization wants to go to achieve their goals of nature conservation and sustainable use of resources natural".

St. Eulalia by John William Waterhouse

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