04 August 2009

"Facts Are Stubborn Things"

To: flag@whitehouse.gov

Dear White House,

I am informing on myself. I believe that the national health care bill known as H.R. 3200: America's Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009 is entirely in violation of my rights under the United States Constitution. I have publicly expressed this view in multiple public forums.

However, if you could direct me to the Article or Amendment in the Constitution of the United States that provides the Federal government the authority to do so, I will certainly reconsider my position and offer public apologies.

Otherwise, I must warn you that this individual (myself) will continue to speak out against what I believe is the true intent of this proposed legislation.

Lori J. Macomber

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  1. I reported my 85-year old Republican mother to flag@whitehouse.gov and asked them to "straighten her out". She said she was against euthanasia for the elderly in lieu of costly medical treatment.


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