06 July 2009

In Denfense of the Selfless

No surprise here: I'm in Sarah Palin's corner. I support her decision whole-heartedly. I do not question her decision to resign as governor for any reason at all. People who have said such mean and vile things about her should be ashamed, but they aren't. The verbal assaults remind me so much of how Princess Diana was treated, and she finally had to plead for some badly needed peace.

Since I do not know Governor Palin personally, I can only make suppostions about why she did what she did. Depending on who you ask, she: quit, mentally lost-it, abandoned Alaska, caved to pressure, is a criminal, blew her presidential prospects, committed political suicide, is brilliant, crazy like a fox, puts the public good above playing political games, and doesn't play politics as usual.

One headline stated that Ms. Palin was "responding to a higher calling."As a mother and a wife, I can certainly relate to this. I have had to put life on hold in some areas for the greater good in others, mainly for my family, just as Mrs. Palin stated she was placing priority on her own family. In his Epistle to the Romans (chapters 6-8) Paul talks about this very subject, also called "dying to self." He states, "Those who live according to the sinful nature have their minds set on what that nature desires; but those who live in accordance with the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires."(Romans 8:5). I'm not going to expound on the Biblical passages here, that's extra credit homework for my readers. Needless to say, people who can't rise above their own selves won't ever get it.

Since I am not a professional political writer and I won't get nearly the audience William Kristol does, I like and agree with his Washington Post piece where he states: "I am convinced, though, that she should have a chance to compete and make her case. In this, I seem to differ from many of my friends in the mainstream media and the Republican establishment. They tend not only to dislike and disdain Palin, they also want to bury her chances now as a presidential possibility. What are they so scared of?"

My theory is that everyone's scared that she will succeed.

I'm going to stay tuned, right here at "What's next for Sarah".

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  1. Hey - THANKS for the plug! I'm glad you enjoyed my blog! I've been working on it just after she announced running for v.p. Great thots you have here. I appreciated your article. :) Sarah ROCKS. It was funny the day she announced her stepping down I'd put on my Mc/Palin shirt and proudly was wearing it around ... then I saw something on the net or Fox and was once again given some hope after the last election for the first time. We need a voice of conservatism - I don't know if Sarah will do that for us ... but now she'll have more time to consider doing that.
    God bless!


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