23 July 2009

Being Runner Up: It Doesn't Byte!

I had a wonderful surprise in my email inbox on Thursday morning. I had entered a slogan contest for Shelly Roche's Website ByteStyle.tv. I was not the winner, but I was named runner up! I was honored, truly!I first learned about who Shelly Roche is when I started to tune in on to an intriguing new webcast every Wednesday afternoon (and download the podcast to listen to on my iPod) to "Freedom Watch" hosted by Judge Andrew Napolitano that airs on FoxNews.com.

Previous visitors to my blog who have scrolled down to the area after my posts will have sen that I have a link to "Freedom Watch" so that my readers can be sure to tune in to the latest episodes. I am a dedicated fan of the show, as are many others. There is currently a petition to get the show to air on the Fox News Channel.

On the ByteStyle.tv webpage, in the "About" column:
  • ByteStyle is Shelly Roche's podcast about technology, news & politics.
  • Shelly is CTO for BreakTheMatrix, a liberty-oriented media site.
  • She is also a regular guest on Freedom Watch w/ Judge Napolitano, Peter Schiff & Ron Paul.
  • She has just launched Plenticulture - a project related to real foods.
This was so much fun. Yes, FUN! Having FUN and being creative felt so good during what I feel like is the battle of my political life. Fighting for freedom is exhausting! One of the things I have found myslef doing as an activist is trying to wake people up to what is going on (and what has been going on!) with our liberties. I "Promote Awareness" so to speak, in as many creative ways as I can.

When you click on the link for ByteStyle.tv, you will see my entry under LoriGirl. Many people online know me under this name; it's what my Daddy called me as a youngin'. This is far less pretentious than what he will call me to this day usually as a telephone greeting, which is "Princess" (I'm a Daddy's girl, what can I say?).

My entry, among many others I submitted, was "Promoting freedom, one byte at a time." Far more wordy than the winner - but maybe it will be used as sub-text sometime. You know, when an author writes a book that he titles and sub-text titles in this format:

How Reading It Will Make You The Smartest Person In The World.

Again, I'd be honored.

The winner's slogan is much shorter and catchier, so it deserved to win and I congratulate the winner. After all, it is an honor just to be nominated. I'd like to thank The Academy: Thank you to all my libertarian, conservative and republican friends on twitter and facebook who helped me along by voting. I hope you had some fun too!

ByteStyle.tv with Shelly Roche - Freedom is always in style!

So here is the new banner for Shelly Roche's Blog. Please click on it and sign up to follow her. All the information she posts is another wonderful way for liberty lovers to stay connected together.

And here is me in action! Some of the activism I have been participating in recently is about raising awareness toward the Health Care Legislation that I believe will be a "Hell-th Care Nightmare" if it passes.

Be sure to visit Shelly's Blog. Shelly has a great video blog about the Health Care legislation here:

Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano is posted on her site every Wednesday after the webcast that airs on FoxNews.com. Freedom Watch is a must-watch show about your Constitutional freedoms, how they are currently being threatenend, and what you need to know to help protect them. Stay tuned to, as the Judge says, "Stay Free!"

For Freedom and Liberty from
~who grew up to be
The Conservative Mom


  1. Like you, I'm a fan of both Freedom Watch, and Judge Napolitano. However, it was troubling to me that in the past few weeks, the show appeared to promote legalized marijuana and prostitution. As I consider the consequences of such things, I shudder to think of the societal impacts!

    I've read enough of the Founders writings and Dr. Skousen's books to know that a moral society is required for our Constitution to work for our society. If we throw all caution to the wind in an "anything goes" society, we'll be even worse off in the long run than with the Dems and their tyrannical rule!

    Just curious -- did this bother you too?

  2. In terms of moral challenges such as legalized marijuana and prostitution, I do part from my libertarian friends because before I identify with any political party of any kind, I identify with God my Creator first. He has provided me with a set of commandments I hold myself accountable to, and most significantly a Savior whose example I must follow. With the Bible, I personally do not need vices that pull so many people into moral self-decay. What I think libertarians do, where Ms. Roche and Judge Napolitano may fall, is rely on the consequences that such choices as pot use or sex vices provide. So, in short, yes, it does bother me; but ultimately I let my Higher Power, God, guide me. And a daily serenity prayer in terms of trying to do anything about those statements or that kind of behavior helps a lot too.
    Thank you for your comment to my post!!


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