11 May 2009

THESE United States

The 9/12 Project, launched by Glenn Beck back in March, has some great potential for political recovery for this country. The website, www.the912Project.com, has a lot of useful information: a "News" tab, some how-to info on organizing, of course the 9 Principles and the 12 Values (which most Conservatives will likely agree upon), and significantly, it has a "Vent" tab, where members can type out their frustrations.
Named for Beck's beleif of how most of America felt collectively after September 11, 2001 - namely, on the 12th of September - the 9/12 Project has very good ambitions.

Education is so important to understanding how we got where we are today politically, and history MUST be studied or, well, you know the cliche: we are doomed to repeat. A decent comprehension of the United States Constitution and other founding documents is essential to being American. A sad truth is that immigrants legally enterring this country and taking citizenship exams study more on this subject matter than most of our school kids do. I encourage everyone to pick a book and just start. If you don't know where to start, look at my reading list suggested here!

In studying, remember, government works from the inside out in this country. In other words, you start as local as you possibly can: from city to county; from county to state; from state to fed. So, it is just as important to study how your own state and localities operate as it is to know the Constitution of these United States.
One last comment. America is "These" United States. We are not "The" United States as one single entity but rather, as set up by the Founders by way of 13 colonies, a set of 50 Sovereign entities united together. I contend that making the distinction helps preserve the original intent behind the 9th and 10 Amendments to the Constitution as well.

May God Bless THESE United States.

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