20 May 2009

A Site Worth Seeing

I have recently found another site to share. Founded by " Earl B.", The Conservative Underground (TCU) is "more than a social network." Read his explanation on why he started the website here:

Initially starting on Facebook, and since TCUNation.com's first appearance in late January, TCU has reached 8,000 members. Mr. Earl writes about the impressive numbers since in his blog here:

TCU has all the features of any social network, including posting and reading blogs, posting photos, adding friends, and chat. There are also opportunities to help out on the site: it's as simple as word-of-mouth reporting, pledging to recruit as few as 5 people (or, obviously, more if you want!),to helping keep track of legislation. The site has unique groups you can join as well as a group page-specific to your own state. As there is for now no advertising on TCUNation.com, I wholeheartedly believe that Mr. Earl's encouragement to gain more members is completely genuine. This is a great place to gather with fellow conservatives who at this time in our history MUST stay in communication with one-another. How perfect is the power of the Blogosphere to help do this?!

As for advertisements on the site? Mr. Earl, have at it. For one of the deep beliefs of most conservatives is that capitalism works, and CONSERVATIVE capitalism PROSPERS. My idea for your first advertiser/sponsor? How about a Conservatives' Virtual Bookstore, where you don't have to look on the bottom of shelves or ask for a book about, say, anti-global warming no one has ever heard of "but would happily special order it for you". (ok, personal experience used there) Anyone out there up for creating a bookstore like that!?!

So go to this site, my Conservative friends. Sign up, recruit your friends, and be a part of something that I believe shall become a big and bright star in the galaxy that is cyber-space:

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